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Dr. Pathak graduated from Benedictine University in 1996. She went on to medical school at Rush Medical College in Chicago. She completed her residency at Rush Children's Hospital of Rush University.

Dr Pathak is the Vice Chairman of Pediatrics at Community Hospital in Munster, IN.

Dr. Pathak has been practicing pediatrics In Northwest Indiana since 2003. She is an AAP Fellow and is Board Certified.

Note From Dr. Pathak

Dear Parents,


I have been a practicing pediatrician in the Northwest Indiana area for the since 2003.  My practice style is one that is conservative, up to date, practical, and empathetic.  I love working with kids . . . it's who I am to the core.  In addition to taking care of kids, I truly believe in addressing the entire family's needs.  

Through my training at Rush Children's Hospital in Chicago, I've learned to minimize the use of antibiotics to those cases that absolutely require them, minimize the use of labs and x-rays unless it will change my plan of care, and to only hospitalize when truly necessary.  

As a mother of two young children, I've learned that kids don't necessarily follow the books, and that you need to look at each child as an individual.  I can say I've personally dealt with issues such as breastfeeding, temper tantrums, sleep routines and problems, and toilet training.  Although I don't have any teenagers at home, I do realize that they too have special issues.  Although I will always stress open communication between the teenager and their parents, I do respect their privacy so they feel they can be open with me.  

I assure you I will do everything to make you and your children happy and comfortable in my care.  I promise that I will take care of your children as I would want my own to be cared for.  

Dr. Parul Pathak



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